Presentation of collection neckties 2016 with Chrysanthi Kosmatos

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 What is Luxury for a silk textile company ?



A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to have a real talk with Kostas Mouhtaridis, owner of SilkLine, in Soufli,Greece. After this talk , personally speaking, I found how important is to start a new interview series  and reveal  the role of textile in the fashion field.How would we describe the role of a silk textile company today and its benefits for the consumer? 
There is a significant developent in the work of a silk textile manufacturer over the years that It is important to know in order to realize the value of real quality.
For me it makes a big difference the final quality of textile we offer to the consumer. It's often the main reason to keep on top a company's  reputation. Talking about quality of textile is not just the thread or the dyeing process. It's also the pureness and the feeling we get of the final product.

As fashion lover I want to know what makes up quality. I love to have the knowledge to choose what  I do really want to wear. I've always tried to understand the creative mixture of old style and new design concept. My journey continues. Let's discover it !